Distressed Asset Bond

Krono Partners Plc. (‘Krono’ / ‘The Company’) offers a 7 year Bond with a maximum subscription of 4,000,000 Bonds, providing a fixed interest rate of 8% per annum (paid out quarterly in net) and a 20% variable coupon of the Company’s net profit (shared pro rata).


Year Bond

The stability of regular interest payments each and every quarter, for 7 years.

Fixed Interest Rate

As a Bondholder you receive 8% p.a. fixed interest (paid 2% per quarter).


Profit Share

Bondholders share pro-rata 20% of the Company’s annual net profits.

Principal Amount

100% of your principal amount repaid on exit.

The Bond

The Company offers a 7 year Bond with a maximum subscription of 4,000,000 Bonds, providing a fixed interest rate of 8% per annum (paid out quarterly in net) plus 20% variable coupon of the Company’s net profit (shared pro rata). Krono is raising the capital required to acquire and manage a diverse portfolio of global real estate and distressed related assets that offer growth potential to investors. Krono is backed by the knowledge and network of a professional team of real estate experts, actively managing acquisitions and assets “on the ground” in the countries they serve.

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Distressed Assets

Distressed real estate assets are properties that require a capital infusion or can be purchased below replacement value. By purchasing at a significant discount, typically 30-70% below market value and keeping all current rental agreements with the tenants, Krono’s investments will realise an immediate 15% – 20% annual return on its investment, furthermore as the market is expected to correct over the next 5 to 7 years, Krono expects to not only be able to generate 15% plus annual ROI, but expects to generate a minimum of 100% return when selling the property after 7 years.

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Krono Bond Payout

Krono provides fixed interest rate of 8% per annum ( paid out quarterly in net ) plus a floating interest of 20%, shared between Bondholders pro rata.

  • 56%
    * Calculation is based on 8% gross interest per annum

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Current Series 5

June 30 - 2014

Next Interest Payment for Series 1,2,3,4

Krono’s Latest Investments

Krono is purchasing distressed assets in key cities in Europe and develops them into long-term, profitable real estate investments that produce annual returns for the Company and its Investors.

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Bondholder Reviews

See what Bondholders say about Krono Distressed Asset Bond

I am more than happy

I joined in October 2013 and as such cannot give a view on the return on my investments. Krono Partners keep me well informed of all new developments, and I am more than happy with the proposed new system of communications between the Company and its Bondholders. At present my contact with the company is excellent, and gives me confidence that I made the right decision to invest with them. ”
- M.Greenwood

One for the long term!

I was looking for a safe place to park some money long term that paid a better than average return. The Bond Fund fits the description. 'Safe' is a relative concept. Krono Partners keep you up to date with whats happening to the fund and their current business strategy. I give them 4 stars because to award them 5 stars may make them take their foot off the pedal. Google them, check them out. ”
- R.Lees

Good and informative!

Their overall service provided to me, as a participating bondholder, has been very good and very informative re their progress moving forward. My investment is, at present, moving along nicely, with no cause to think otherwise about Krono's projected plans.”
- G.Smith

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